Thursday, May 18, 2017

Happy Happy May....

It's I Like Thursday, hosted by LeeAnna, feel free to visit her website, Not Afraid of Color to learn about more participants--or better still, why not join?  This world needs as much positive energy as we can create.

This week, I like BUBBLES--and so does my puppy, Scout.  These kept her frolicking on Tuesday.  Because she is a puppy she does more fumbling than catching bubbles.  It sure is fun to watch her.

Another fun thing that happened with Scout was the old tried and true squirt gun.  I'm trying to get Scout to stop eating every piece of dirt, wood, etc. outside.  Normally the squirt gun would snap my dogs out of it.  Not Scout.   She thinks the squirt gun is her personal water fountain:
I like taking photographs of things and also collect old and antique photographs.  Lately I've been playing with the idea of making greeting cards from some of my photographs to sell at guilds when I lecture.  After many protypes and printing company I've ended up with these:

I've been enjoying the cool temperatures we've had in N.E. Pennsylvania but I'll be grateful for the two days of heat this week.  Some of my plants simply need some heat to set bloom.  Others, the cool spring bloomers are blooming an exceptionally long time.  This week I like:
the many variations of columbine:

I am a city gardener.  My back door is actually a side door and five feet away is my neighbor's home.   I like when I open the back door, I am greeted by the aroma of lilies of the valley that grow between our homes.  Soon the peonies will be perfuming that area as well.  It is a happy scent.

Weigela is blooming:

I like serendipitous surprises in the garden.  Scout digs when she is tired and in an attempt to thwart her, I placed stones in her favorite digging spots.  Now I rather like the look of the stones through this bed.
Well that is it for this week.  Have a happy week!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pretty Garden Girl

Scout loves being outside and especially in the garden where she can run around freely.  Just look at that face:  Isn't she adorable?  Well yes, she has trampled a lot of plants and there are paths cut through the flowers now, but she is cute.  The one thing I wasn't going for was the keep away when she runs into the bushes.  Too bad for Scout that I've had a Teddy.

And because I've had a Teddy I own lots and lots of fencing for the garden borders.
"Drat, foiled again."
Have a wonderful day!!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

I hope you have a great day!
I have to go now and run after a naughty puppy :D

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Positive energy needed in this world......

I like Thursdays continue!  Created and sponsored by LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color, please visit her blog to view more inspiring posts.

This week, I like my garden.  Although Scout is doing her best to trample most of the plants.  She likes to hide in the garden--a move which I attribute to her youth and perhaps an instinct that she is vulnerable to predators.  Or maybe she just likes the cool cool plants :)
Blooming this week:

Jewel in the garden crown this week is the clematis!

I like Scout's new collar and harness, a pretty Tiffany blue!
 And her new pretty leash!

I love that found an old favorite toy at Amazon.  It's called outward Hound Hide and our beloved Paddie loved this toy.  
That was 20 years ago and I was surprised to find it last week.  True to form, Scout loves it!  
This is a shout-out to LeeAnna...Milo might enjoy this!

Many of you have asked about Scout's color.  She is a blue standard poodle.  She seems more grey/blue each day. 

Scout continues to entertain us.  Carol said, "she is so much better to watch than tv."  ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜

Yesterday Scout discovered her shadow.  She's not really sure why she can't catch it.

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Milo and Scout

Yesterday's emails about "I like Thursdays" remind me that I should have mentioned an important thing.  Milo--LeeAnna's new puppy over at "Not Afraid of Color" is actually Scout's brother.
Milo, Scout's brother.  He really looks like our first puppy, Paddie.  So beautiful!
LeeAnna encouraged me to contact the breeder of her late son/dog, Cole after Seamus passed.  We were hoping to meet (LeeAnna and I) on Sunday but the breeder only told me that LeeAnna was going to be late (dang).  Of course there was a lot of chaos there as well Brad wanted to get home and I had a list of things I needed addressed by the breeder.
Bad photo but to the far left is Mama, then Dad, and to the far right is Grandma of our puppies.

Some of Scout and Milo's siblings.  The runt is to the far left.

I cannot tell you how nice it is to have someone else dealing with puppy chaos.  Doesn't matter how many pups you raise, you forget a lot through the years.  LeeAnna emailed me yesterday that Milo now sleeps about 5 hours straight at night.  Scout is up at least two times a night (yup, 2  a.m. , 4 a.m. and 6 a.m. is the start of her day).  My neighbor has started calling me "Merle" because I look so haggard 😐

Brad was very enamored with the runt of the litter but we already know it is dang near impossible to train two puppies at the same time.  That's how we got Teddy, our white poodle (my mom learned that lesson the hard way).

As for me, I've learned to take naps with Scout at this point.  She does sleep nicely in her crate and we know that she has a tell.  She begins to dig a nest whenever she is tired.

Yesterday I was sorting wash and Scout decided to assist.  She thinks all dirty socks should be relegated to her bed:
Some of you have picked up on her color.  
She is indeed blue (a black turning grey/blue later).

Scout is napping so I am going to get a shower and rest.  Have a great day!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

I like May 4 Edition!!!

I like May!  It's always been my favorite month!  It's the month my son was my born :)
I love my son.  But I also like him, like the person he's become and have so much fun with him and my lovely daughter-in-law, Jessica!

Of course I like love Scout too!

Having a puppy makes me grateful for this:

In May, my favorite flower blooms--lily of the valley!

This past week, before Scout arrived, I re-strung lights in the garden.  The trellis is a piece my brother rescued and refurbished.  It's a happy piece in the garden, especially at twilight and early evening.
I hope you have had a wonderful and blessed week.  Please join LeeAnna and the gang on the day of positive energy--I Like Thursdays!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Meet Scout

When you have children, you tend to forget how tough the first few weeks/months are with an infant.  The challenges fade as everything works out and that is when people decide to have more kids.  It's been ten years since we have had a puppy and twenty since we've had one as young as this gal.

We picked her up Sunday.  It is a long long drive for a puppy to make in a car but for the most part, she was sweet and slept in the wash basket we had for her in the back seat (no dogs in our front seats due to airbags).  The first day was great and she began learning her new home.

my friend Linda with Scout on Sunday:
She may look big but she is actually a teenie weenie.
Soooooo....she was up a few times Sunday night.  Actually she is up at 12:30  a.m. and 4 a.m. but that is to pee and then we put her back in the crate.  
This week we are working on crate training, having her respond to her name, and housebreaking.  We are pretty layed back,  She doesn't care too much for the crate but I sleep aside of her and stick my fingers into the crate and she settles down.  We are getting there.

I find myself going back 20 years when we had Paddie.  She was only 7 weeks old when we got her.  The boys were a few months old when we adopted them.  Monday we woke up and clearly Scout was getting more comfortable!  It was suddenly PUPPY MADNESS!!!  Running and digging and getting into all sorts of baby mischief.  
"Are you watching me?  Because I am about to bite the leaf you said 'No' about."

Like Paddie, Scout adores sticks.  
And like all our poodles, she loves toys, REALLY loves toys.  We are grateful for the teething toys since she is in that baby biting stage.  We gently but firmly reprimand her and give her a substitute for our fingers, clothing, rug, furniture......
The ol' "baby with the box" syndrome.  Why play with your toys when you can drag the bucket that stores them?
She does love her walks and has already learned many of the neighbors and where they live.  I wasn't really prepared for the getting up two times a night but things are gradually settling down.  She is learning her routine, and we are reminding ourselves that she is just a young YOUNG baby and we have to be patient.  
Photos are a challenge with this one 😊.  I'll keep ya posted how progress is coming.  The housebreaking is done and she is doing well with that.  Crate training is getting there and she pretty much responds to her name....and praise.  
Maybe tomorrow we will work on putting a collar on her.  For now I use a training lead and trying to get her used to something around her neck.  
Have a wonderful day!